She is a mindful designer who can work independently and is empathetic towards her clients’ creative needs. Being a creative designer with the ability to brainstorm and work well in solitude, she can also communicate effectively with colleagues and clients by listening proactively, sharing ideas, and offering solutions to creative problems. Collaborating with colleagues and clients also means that she has the patience to endure ongoing questions, ruthless feedback, and several rounds of redesign. 
As a Graphic Designer, Veronica can design assets for print media, packaging, data visualization, infographics, and visual identity. As a Visual Designer, she creates visuals specifically for websites, email blasts, and social media marketing. 
Her primary focus is to collaborate with clients, colleagues and other creatives to create effective designs that reflect the culture and connect with target audiences on an emotional level. Her future goals are to expand her knowledge and skills in the design field but also make long-lasting connections with clients and colleagues.
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